Semper and Bruellan to merge

Geneva, June 12, 2018 – Independent asset manager Semper and wealth management company
Bruellan are to merge into a single entity providing wealth and asset management services.
Operating under the Bruellan brand, the new group will manage over CHF 3.5 billion in assets, of
which CHF 1.7 billion in discretionary mandates. Grégoire Vaucher, Semper’s current CEO and main
shareholder, will become Bruellan CEO and a managing partner, alongside Antoine Spillmann and
Jean-Paul Tissières.
The two companies are extremely complementary, putting the combined entity in a strong position to
thrive in the new Swiss private banking world. Over the last several years, Semper has developed
valuable know-how in global wealth management, supplementing its core asset management activity
with a broad range of additional services such as multi-family offices, relocation, business
consulting/financing and real estate management. Bruellan will provide opportune diversification,
thanks to its recognised expertise in asset management – demonstrated by the five stars awarded by
independent consultant Morningstar to its US and world equity funds. The discipline, skill and technical
capabilities developed in the institutional market will naturally also benefit private client activities,
strengthening them and enhancing their credibility.
Following the integration, the new entity will have some 50 employees, based in Geneva, Lausanne,
Crans-Montana and Verbier. The Geneva Bruellan teams will move to Semper’s offices in Florissant.
The merger will involve no layoffs. Rather, both companies have been job creators since their inception
and intend to pursue their expansion thanks to the merger synergies. In order to ensure a smooth and
efficient integration, Paul Lombard, former Bruellan director, has been appointed to supervise the
operational aspects of the merger.
Five members will serve on the Board of Directors: Jean-Baptiste Zufferey (Chairman), Christian Zanella
(Vice-Chairman), Gina Empson, Anne Hornung-Soukup and Marc-André Ballestraz. All are independent
directors, underscoring the shareholders’ commitment to sound governance.
“We believe that good governance is essential nowadays. The combination of an independent Board of
Directors, the greater FINMA supervision entailed by the CISA licence, and our experience of handovers
between partners, makes us stronger and ensures the sustainability of our entrepreneurial project. It
serves as an additional guarantee for our clients” stated Grégoire Vaucher, Semper CEO.
“Our business has undergone substantial change over the past 15 years. Clients today want not only a
360-degree view of their global wealth, but also successful and truly competitive management. We
have found in Semper the ideal partner to take our company to the next level, as we share the same
view of our business” added Antoine Spillmann, Bruellan CEO.
The deal is still subject to FINMA approval.

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